Cognitive theory and theorist from the cognitive school of thought

Select a cognitive theory and theorist from the cognitive school of thought, provide pertinent information that summarizes the selected theory . Cognitive theory, underlying assumption of theory, theoretical outlines, operational description of each.. two advantages of rech if used by practitioners in early childhood education centers two disadvantages of each if used by early childhood educational centers Share on Facebook Tweet Follow us Sample Answer       Cognitive Theory: Jean Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development Theory: Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development proposes that children progress through four distinct stages of intellectual development: Sensorimotor Stage (Birth – 2 years): Infants learn through their senses and motor actions. They explore the world by touching, tasting, and manipulating objects. Preoperational Stage (2 – 7 years): Children begin to develop symbolic thought and language skills. They can pretend, imagine, and use symbols to represent objects and ideas. However, they struggle with logical thinking and egocentrism (difficulty seeing things from another’s perspective). Full Answer Section       Concrete Operational Stage (7 – 11 years): Children develop the ability to perform mental operations on concrete objects. They can classify objects, conserve number and volume, and understand reversibility. However, abstract thinking is still limited. Formal Operational Stage (11 years and beyond): Adolescents and adults develop the ability to think abstractly, logically, and hypothetically. They can consider multiple perspectives, solve complex problems, and reason about theoretical concepts. Underlying Assumption: Piaget believed that children are not passive learners but actively construct their understanding of the world through exploration, interaction, and experience. Theoretical Outlines: Schemes: Mental frameworks that help children organize information and experiences. Assimilation: The process of incorporating new information into existing schemes. Accommodation: The process of modifying existing schemes to fit new information or experiences. Disequilibrium: A state of cognitive discomfort that occurs when new information doesn’t fit neatly into existing schemes, motivating the child to learn and adapt. Operational Description: Sensorimotor Stage: An infant observes a rattle (assimilation). When the rattle falls out of reach, the infant cries (disequilibrium). They then shake the crib bars (accommodation) to make the rattle fall back within reach. Preoperational Stage: A preschooler pretends to drink from an empty cup (assimilation). They may struggle to understand that the cup isn’t really full (disequilibrium). Concrete Operational Stage: A school-age child sorts buttons by color (assimilation). If presented with the same number of buttons rearranged, they understand the quantity remains the same (conservation). Formal Operational Stage: A teenager debates the ethics of a hypothetical situation (abstract thinking). Advantages of Receptive ECL Practices: Scaffolding Learning: Adults can provide support and guidance to help children build upon their existing knowledge and skills, promoting deeper understanding. Language Development: By engaging in conversation and storytelling, adults can help children develop vocabulary, communication skills, and critical thinking abilities. Disadvantages of Receptive ECL Practices: Limited Active Exploration: Overly structured activities or teacher-centered instruction can limit opportunities for children to explore, experiment, and discover at their own pace. Reduced Problem-Solving Skills: If adults provide all the answers or solutions readily, children may not develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary for independent learning. Note: RECH stands for Reading, English, Communication, and Humanities. It’s likely you meant “Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP)” in early childhood education centers. DAP aligns with Piaget’s theory by emphasizing active exploration, play, and child-centered learning experiences. This question has been answered. Get Answer


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