Financial impact of immigrants on Florida’s Economy.


Financial impact of immigrants on Florida’s Economy.

Topic: Financial impact of immigrants on Florida’s Economy.
Writer must prepare Chapter Two: Literature review. Chapter One of five is attached and must be used for the flow/continuance of this research paper. This is very important. The purpose of Chapter Two is to provide a context for the research and to demonstrate its importance. Chapter Two is comprised of at least four sections: (a) an overview, (b) a theoretical or conceptual framework section, (c) the related literature section, and (d) a summary. The overview should provide a general explanation and overview of the chapter with links to the purpose of the study. This should be done in a short paragraph. The layout of the paper with explanation to each section should be as follows (see attached):
Its purpose is to provide a context for the research and to demonstrate its importance. Chapter Two is comprised of at least four sections: (a) an overview, (b) a theoretical or conceptual framework section, (c) the related literature section, and (d) a summary. The overview should provide a general explanation and overview of the chapter with links to the purpose of the study. This should be done in a short paragraph
Conceptual or Theoretical Framework
The conceptual or theoretical background section should provide the reader with a direct connection to the framework that will effectively guide the study and allow the findings to be situated within a greater context. According to Maxwell (2005), “the point is not to summarize what has already been done in the field. Instead, it is to ground your proposed study in the relevant previous work, and to give the reader a clear sense of your theoretical approach to the phenomena that you propose to study.” (p. 123).
The literature review is not the place for background information on the research topic. It is place for giving reader overview of theoretical and methodological landscape that encompasses the research question. Who are the main players/authors, and what have they concluded? How did these scholars arrive at those conclusions? Did they arrive there logically, and in a manner that is appropriate and acceptable to the field? Why or why not? What in previous literature and scholarship needs to be remedied or improved? And how does this dissertation project contribute to identifying/solving problems in previous work, and building out the body of knowledge surrounding the research question(s)? Use all of this to create a clear “opening” for yourself in existing academic conversation and debates. By end of lit review reader should be highly convinced that you are an expert in the literature that defines your field of study, and that your dissertation is critical to advancement in this area.
Start by describing theory(ies), including origination and major theorist(s). Discuss how the theory(ies) has advanced or informed the literature on your topic. Articulate how your specific research focus relates to the theory and how it may potentially advance or extend the theory(ies). (Some examples of theoretical frameworks include Down’s (1957) Rational Choice theory, Olson’s (1965) Collective Action Theory, Arrow’s (1951) and Black’s (1958) Public Choice Theory, Elite Theory, Group Theory, Systems Theory, Institutional Theory, and Lindblom’s Incremental Theory). Make it clear which of the pieces under review you will be using as basis in your own work, and which merit critique/rejection. To accomplish this task, in addition to laying out the major theories and studies that have defined the research field(s) that encompass your own research question, describe, and critique the methods and research approaches which have been used to support critical theories and arguments. What was carried out well, what needs improvement? Use this focus on methods/data/research approach to begin to build justification/support for the research design used in the dissertation. Proper situation of the study and research question(s) within an established theoretical framework takes substantial time and thought but establishes the significance and credibility of the study.
Often, hundreds of studies are reviewed, and many dozens are integrated into the construction of this chapter. The majority of the literature cited in the chapter needs to be current, but discussing older, seminal works is also necessary to ground your study. As a whole, this section should comprise the bulk of the literature review. Theories descriiption attached for information.
The purpose of the Literature section is to provide a tight synthesis (not simply a study-by-study summary) of existing, more general scholarly research and theories that relate to your proposed study. This section should be aimed in the same direction as the first section – illustrating the significance of and the justification for the project, along with the credibility needed for the research to pass peer-review.
This section should provide a focused summary of what is currently known, what is not known, and how your proposed study can specifically address gaps in the existing literature.
Additional notes:
All contents provided in this research must be original. No AI contents allowed. Paper will be checked for originality, human contents, and AI violations via Turnitin plagiarism and other academic tools. A low plagiarism percentage of 10 % or less. Copy and paste is not acceptable; all work must be properly cited as per APA 7th edition. Paper should be approximately 30 pages double spaced in length. Length does not include title page or references. Paper should only include academic sources no more than 5 years old. Use scholarly sources only. No podcasts, no dictionaries, no international websites, no encyclopedias, or no magazines. Use public administration sources, not business sources.
This study must use a qualitative method approach. This study is also to use Public Administration and not Public Policy approach.



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