Research and write about a contemporary design or craft object and the maker of that object.


Research and write about a contemporary design or craft object and the maker of that object.

Part 1: Object/Maker Report
First Draft for Peer Review DUE: 4/25 11:59 pm
(850-1000 word report)
READ THE ENTIRE ASSIGNMENT – you are responsible for knowing all info presented here.
In this report, you will research and write about a contemporary design or craft object and the maker of that object.
I have provided a list of resources for you to use to find your object/maker (see 13.2). Your project must be based on an object you find from a quality source, like these resources I have provided, and made after 1970. Makers introduced in our video quizzes are not eligible to be your subject, but you may choose someone from the module introductions. You must choose someone who is a professional and whose practice is relatively new to you (aka you may not pick someone who does design/craft as a hobby, someone related to you, or a friend who makes things).
You may select an object/maker from any of the following fields (I suggest choosing the field you are most intrigued by!):
Contemporary Fiber + Textiles
Contemporary Jewelry + Metalwork
Contemporary Woodwork / Furniture Design
Contemporary Ceramics
Product/Industrial Design
Interior Design
Architecture or Interior Architecture
Graphic Design / Illustration
The format of your report should follow the format below and address the following questions in narrative form:
Introduction (200-250 words)
Who is the maker?
What is the maker’s background, training, and/or education?
What are the maker’s motivations to make?
Object: Describe and Analyze (250 – 350 words)
What is the design process of your chosen object? Describe the maker’s methodology.
How was your chosen object physically made: What material(s) were selected to make it and why – and how does the material choice defines the design process?
What processes, techniques, and tools are used in the making?
Note: If you cannot find explicit information about this, you may describe how you think the object was made *based on what you have learned in the modules in this class. If you choose to do this, be sure to make it clear that you are presenting assumptions based on the class modules.
What collaborations or networks are involved in the making of the object? Who helps them make it and/or bring it to their market?
What design principles and elements are active in the object? Use keywords you have learned!
Upload at least 2 quality images (or video) of the object you chose to help illustrate your writing. These could be images from different views, the object in use or being made, or a main image and detail image that give more in-depth information than the main image alone.
Use the “upload image function” to ensure your picture appears in your post correctly. No links! Your image must be embedded in your post.
(Please visit your post after submitting to ensure your image is appearing correctly – I will not download images that appear as file links, or visit linked url’s and cannot accept your images via inbox/email. The images must be visible in the post.)
Context (200 – 300 words)
What is the purpose of the object and how is it used: where, when, and by whom?What is the audience/market for the made object? And how does the designer/craftsperson reach that audience?
Why are you interested in this work? How is it relevant to you, your community, your interests & aesthetic sensibilities?
Conclusion (200 – 250 words)
Summarize your main points and discoveries.
You should cite at least two QUALITY sources and provide full citation information (book, periodical, website, podcast, video episode, etc)
Wikipedia and the craftspersons/designer’s own website or social media do not count as quality sources, because they are self-produced, or crowd-sourced. These types of sources can be used for corroboration and/or be referred to IN ADDITION to other quality sources (See 13.2).
The bibliography should be at the end of the paper. You may use either MLALinks to an external site. or APALinks to an external site. formatting (follow the links for instructions). If you quote something word for word, it could have an in-text reference or citation that corresponds to a source in your bibliography.
You will be awarded points based on the accuracy and relevancy of the content, completeness of background, process, and network descriptions, quality of informative information, use of the design principles to evaluate the object, the relevance of the images you provide, quality of sources, and completeness of citations.
Your report should consider all the topics, and contexts, we have covered in the course.
A close consideration of the modes of formal analysis (using the design principles and elements, stylistic, compare/contrast) will also be crucial.
DO NOT attempt to compose the whole document in the Discussion Forum posting window, make sure to type it out in a word processing app and then copy it into the forum post. This might take some reformatting, but at least you won’t have major sadness if your web browser crashes.
Download the images you will post to your desktop as JPG or PNG images and upload them to the discussion post.
I NEED THIS PART DUE TONIGHT: 13.0 Report Topic Submission
To-Do Date: Mar 12 at 11:59pmObject/Maker Report Topics are due to the instructor by 3/21.Review the assignment brief and resources before selecting your topic.Click here to submit your topic.Links to an external site. You must be signed in to Google with your SDSU ID to submit.Provide the person’s name, field, or discipline. You may also provide the object if you already know what it is!



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