Rhetorical Analysis of Arguments by Paige Fernandez and Jason C. Johnson and James A. Gagliano

Complete a rhetorical analysis on two arguments and then compare them to one another. Analyze, evaluate, and compare by Paige Fernandez and by Jason C. Johnson and James A. Gagliano.Instructions:Your essay must contain the following sections:Introduction. Begin your assignment by creating an introduction that gives an overview of your project. Introduce and summarize the two arguments you will focus on in your essay. Include a well-developed thesis statement in your introductory paragraph.Comparative Rhetorical Analysis. Next, analyze and evaluate your two arguments. In this analysis, please include:A brief overview and summary of each argument. What are the main claims of each argument?An analysis of the rhetorical situation of each argumentaudience, purpose, context(explain elements of context embedded in the argumentsthe clues that suggest what the arguments are responding to, both in the sense of what has been written before it and in the sense that it is written for an audience in a particular time and placeand to evaluate how effectively the arguments persuade the audience within this specific context). How do they rhetorical situations differ in each piece? How are they the same? What effect does this have on each argument? How does this influence how each author creates their argument?An analysis and evaluation of each authors use of as well as other . Please also describe any present in these arguments.Finally, create an argument where you prove which argument you analyzed is most convincing to its target audience based on your analysis of these two pieces. Writing a comparative analysis means more than simply summarizing the different arguments. Instead, you will be making an argument about the two texts, using as support specific examples from the articles you select. For instance, you may claim that one argument is more effective than another because of the reliability and quantity of its support (i.e., logos). You may also make claims about the credentials or biases of the authors and their testimony or their writing strategies, including their definitions of key terms, overall organization, and tone.Use an effective structure that carefully guides your reader from one idea to the next, thoroughly editing your writing so it is comprehensible and appropriate for an academic audience. Share on Facebook Tweet Follow us Sample Answer     Rhetorical Analysis of Arguments by Paige Fernandez and Jason C. Johnson and James A. Gagliano Introduction In this essay, we will conduct a comparative rhetorical analysis of two arguments: one by Paige Fernandez and the other by Jason C. Johnson and James A. Gagliano. The main focus will be on summarizing each argument, analyzing the rhetorical situation of each piece, evaluating the authors’ use of ethos, logos, and pathos, and determining which argument is more convincing to its target audience. Thesis Statement By closely examining the rhetorical strategies, contextual elements, and persuasive techniques used in the arguments by Paige Fernandez and Jason C. Johnson and James A. Gagliano, it becomes evident that Fernandez’s argument is more effective in persuading its audience due to her adept use of emotional appeal and relatable examples. Comparative Rhetorical Analysis Paige Fernandez’s Argument – Overview: Paige Fernandez’s argument revolves around the importance of mental health awareness in schools and the necessity of implementing mental health education in curriculums. – Rhetorical Situation: – Audience: Fernandez’s argument is targeted at educators, parents, and policymakers who have the power to influence the inclusion of mental health education in schools. – Purpose: The purpose of her argument is to advocate for the well-being of students by emphasizing the need for mental health education. – Context: The argument is written in response to the rising concerns about mental health issues among students and the lack of adequate support systems within educational institutions. – Use of Ethos, Logos, Pathos: – Ethos: Fernandez establishes her credibility through her professional background in psychology and education. – Logos: She supports her claims with statistical data and research findings regarding the benefits of mental health education. – Pathos: Fernandez effectively appeals to readers’ emotions by sharing personal anecdotes and stories that evoke empathy. Jason C. Johnson and James A. Gagliano’s Argument – Overview: Johnson and Gagliano’s argument focuses on the need for stricter gun control laws to reduce gun violence in the United States. – Rhetorical Situation: – Audience: Their argument targets lawmakers, law enforcement agencies, and the general public concerned about gun violence. – Purpose: The purpose is to persuade the audience to support legislative changes that would enhance gun control measures. – Context: The argument is situated in the ongoing debate surrounding gun control laws and their impact on public safety. – Use of Ethos, Logos, Pathos: – Ethos: Johnson and Gagliano draw on their expertise in law enforcement to lend credibility to their argument. – Logos: They present statistical evidence and case studies to demonstrate the correlation between lax gun laws and increased gun violence. – Pathos: The authors appeal to readers’ emotions by recounting tragic incidents involving gun violence to evoke a sense of urgency for change. Comparative Evaluation Upon evaluating both arguments, it is clear that while both Fernandez and Johnson and Gagliano effectively utilize ethos, logos, and pathos in their respective pieces, Fernandez’s argument holds a stronger persuasive impact. The emotional appeal embedded in Fernandez’s narrative, coupled with relatable examples and personal stories, creates a compelling case for the implementation of mental health education in schools. In contrast, while Johnson and Gagliano present a logical and well-researched argument for stricter gun control laws, the emotional resonance found in Fernandez’s piece resonates more profoundly with readers. Conclusion In conclusion, through a comparative rhetorical analysis of the arguments by Paige Fernandez and Jason C. Johnson and James A. Gagliano, it is evident that Fernandez’s argument emerges as more convincing due to its adept use of emotional appeal and relatable examples. By leveraging personal narratives and emotional connections, Fernandez successfully engages her audience and makes a compelling case for mental health education in schools. This question has been answered. Get Answer


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